Workin’ the knee

So I’ve started working cardio back into my weekly routine (cardio other then biking that is) so it’s back to the treadmill and elliptical machine. Mixing a little running in along with some “uphill” walking is feeling good although the elliptical machine feels a bit odd. Don’t know if it’s the particular motion or what.

I’ve been using the brace while doing this and it’s doing it’s job. There’s a little nervousness since it feels a bit “off,” but I think that’s going to be par for the course with a torn ACL. Baby steps I think.

In other news, my leg held up fantastically after an 11 mile hike last weekend! Sore feet were the worst of it (need new hiking shoes) and the knee felt fine outside of a little soreness. I may have pushed it a bit farther then I should, but after a nice sleep in the next day it felt fine.

My sister and I are commuting to work by bike this week since it’s…National Bike To Work Week! Here she is trying out her new riding light.